Hotel Nieu Philosophy

Hotel Nieu is concerned with most appropriate use of land and resources. For this reason, we focus on various types of developments and access to the five elements of net-zero living.

Development philosophy

Our hotel properties comprise older existing buildings, newer existing buildings and purpose-built structures. In each situation, we assess the property to ensure we design our hotel to maximise the resources available and ensure sustainability.

Where we redevelop a building, we are sensitive to existing buildings, history, character and finishes (patina). We seek to retain the best aspects of the building and then introduce new infrastructure, utilities, and more appropriate modern amenities and functions as we see fit. Our aim is always to reduce utility demand and dependence. We work on both older existing buildings and newer existing buildings:

Older existing buildings: These buildings are generally older than 60 years, which means they are automatically classified as heritage buildings in South Africa. We therefore work to preserve and conserve them, while supplementing these buildings with newer technology elements, such as improved utilities and insulation.

Newer existing buildings: These buildings may already offer modern amenities, better thermal properties and efficient utilities, so we use what is appropriate and augment and enhance as required.

New buildings

Designed especially for our new developments, Hotel Nieu has designed a self-sufficient living pod, which allows for rapid deployment. Each pod includes:

  • A water reservoir concrete raft foundation, which helps to modulate temperature
  • Lightweight, highly insulate top structure, which makes for easier transport and also assists in temperature regulation and control
  • Plug-in ablution module (factory assembled and fitted)
  • Solar panels linked to Endless Power control modules, which fulfil the pod’s energy needs
  • Insulated hot water solar-powered vessel
  • Capacity for greenhouse unit, facing north

The five elements of sustainable net-zero living

Every one of our properties is focused on promoting and safeguarding access to the five elements:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Personal security
  • Transport