Intentional urban living

Upmarket off-the-grid boutique hotels based close to popular urban hubs.Built for sustainability and minimal environmental impact, without compromising your comfort and convenience.

Find sanctuary in our tranquil suites

Individual, private suites inside an intentional community.After a day of work or travel, our suites offer you an urban oasis in which to relax and unwind.

Sustainable access to key elements

Your well-being depends on access to five elements of sustainable net-zero living: water, energy, food, personal security and transport. Hotel Nieu takes each of these into account in our properties.

Welcome to Hotel Nieu

A new brand of boutique hotels, centred on the concept of intentional urban living.

As our guest, we welcome you not just to our properties, but to our way of living.  We invite you to enjoy the peaceful, modern sanctuaries we have created with your every need in mind, and hope that you will join our Hotel Nieu community.